How to Use a Sentry Parking Meter

Sentry Parking Meter Tips & General Information

  • Ensure your vehicle is parked within the designated lines of the parking space. Parking outside of the designated parking space area may result in loss of payment.
  • Moving your vehicle after you have made payment to any Sentry parking meter may result in loss of payment.
  • Sentry parking meters will display parking rates, parking enforcement schedules, and acceptable forms of payment, each of which vary by location.
  • Sentry parking meters will only accept payment up to the maximum time allowed. The meter will reject any attempted payment after the maximum time limit has been purchased.

To Purchase Time at the New Parking Meter

1.  Touch the Sentry parking meter LED touch screen or press the “Start” button located below the meter screen to “awaken” the meter from idle mode.

2. Enter Your Space Number (Your space number is displayed on a stick in the front or back of your vehicle, with an arrow pointing towards it).






3. User the Space Map if you need help finding your space number







4. To purchase Parking Time with coins insert each coin into the coin slot located below the meter’s LED touch screen.







To make a Debit/Credit Card Purchase:

1. Swipe your debit or credit card into the designated card reader located beneath the meter’s LED touch screen (magstripe on the right side facing downwards for downward angled card readers – or – magstripe facing outward to the right for upright facing card readers). *The minimum purchase amount for all debit/credit card transactions is $1.00.




2. Touch the “+” or “−“ buttons on the meter’s LED touch screen to adjust how much time you’d like to purchase.






3. Press the “Accept” button to complete your transaction.

4.  You can select to receive an email receipt for your Debit/Credit Card Payments.








5. Once you have completed your Coin or Credit/Debit Card transaction time purchased for your space will be displayed in green on the LED display.